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G SuiteG Suite, formerly Google Apps, is a cloud based SaaS productivity and collaboration tool.  The suite provides a variety of applications and services that help teams, in a variety of organizations, work together effectively and efficiently.   The suite boasts 4 categories of solutions: Connect associates; Access important files and information; Create what you need to bring projects to fruition; and securely Control users’ devices and data. G Suite is what your business or organization needs to “do your BEST work.”

Why do I need G-Suite?

G Suite allows business and organizations access to infrastructure without an on premises solution.  It gives you the flexibility and security of using the Google Cloud for storage and the connectivity of multiple applications, including:


  • Gmail – A web-based email service for your organization.  Google’s G Suite offers the ability to have emails @yourdomainname thus preserving your brand recognition.
  • Calendar – Integrated calendars allow  for easy sharing of schedules among teams and across apps such as Hangouts, Gmail and Drive.
  • Hangouts Meet – Video meetings from anywhere at any time.  Meet by just setting up meetings and sharing links
  • Hangouts Chat – A messaging platform that allows team to collaborate in one place.  Teams can upload items from Drive, collaborate on Docs or Sheet, join online meetings using Hangouts Meet and integrate calendars to schedule or join meetings.
  • Hangouts Meet Hardware -Makes setting up video meetings in the conference room easier.


  • Drive – Access to any and every file.  You can access your files from your desktop as well as mobile devices.  If a team member is on vacation, or moves to a different position, you will still have easy access to their files.
  • Google Cloud Search – Search files, docs, sheets, slides, calendar across your company’s content.


  • Google Docs – Create documents, edit and save right from your browser.  Multiple people can  work at that same time and changes are automatically saved.  Previously saved versions of documents are kept indefinitely and don’t count towards storage. Also works with multiple popular file types like .docx, .pdf and .txt.  No more, "Can you step out of that file?"
  • Google Sheets – Spreadsheets that let you plan events and share the latest figures.  Sheets makes it seamless to work together, add collaborators, see changes as they occur, also allows you to get right to the insights and make informed decisions.
  • Google Forms – Create surveys or questionnaires gather results into spreadsheets and analyze data in Google Sheets.  Gather real time data to make informed decisions.
  • Slides – Create impactful presentations as a team.  Slides allows you to collaboratively create presentations and work together at the same time.  You have the option to decide who has access, who can view, edit or add comments.
  • Sites – Easily create websites for your team, project, event or customer. You can display your team’s work, give data on projects or display events.  You can also access great looking sites from desktops to smartphones.
  • App Maker – Build an app that empowers your team-quickly and easily.  Anyone in the organization can create applications that fill gaps in business needs, automate business functions and help the business run more efficiently and effectively.
  • Keep – Create To-Do lists, collaborate with team members, brainstorm ideas, etc.  Keep allows the team to capture ideas and stay organized.
  • Jamboard – A collective whiteboard allowing users to sketch ideas, drop notes and collaborate from anywhere.


  • Admin – the ability to manage G-suite at your organization.  Add and remove users, give permissions, and configure security and settings.
  • Mobile – Mobile Device Management-Mobile allows you to keep your data secure.  It allows you to require screen locks, strong passwords and erase confidential information in the event of lost devices.  Works with iOS, Windows, Android as well as other smart phones.
  • Google Vault – Archive all Google Drive content including email, chat, email and hangouts meet.  Effectively manage legal holds and data retention for specific business units with date ranges and specific query terms.

So what’s the advantage? And can’t I get it free?

G Suite offers domain name emails, extensive storage packages, collaborative applications, mobile device management and security.  It allows you to take advantage of the modern fluid environment by allowing access to all content created for your company.

When Google Apps launched in 2006 it was a free service.  There are still legacy versions of Google apps that are free for use and consumers also can use free versions of much of the software. The advantage of the G Suite is additional storage (up to unlimited), no advertising, the ability to use your domain name, 24/7 app support, and additional administrative tools and advanced settings, which for a minimum of $5 per month, adds additional value for your organization. Additionally, Google offers free versions for educators and qualified non-profits.  

If you’d like more information on how Google Apps can make your business more productive, fill out the form on this page and someone from our company will be back in touch with you. 

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