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WheelHouse Solutions provides IT Consulting Services to businesses throughout the Louisville, Kentucky area.

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Technology Expense Management

In a complexbusiness environment, organizations are looking for a consolidated platform to process and manage data from various sources, including dashboards and indicators to alert them of potential risks.

Information Technology Consulting

In today’s technology-driven world, savvy business owners are more aware of the need to utilize an IT Consultant to address the critical needs of their business, such as Data Security, Network Architecture and Hardware Optimization.

Puppet® Consulting

We work with our clients to deploy the Puppet® Software solution, enabling them to quickly and easily manage and automate their IT infrastructure.

Business Continuity Planning

Having a plan in place, before disaster strikes, is imperative for every business. We’ll work with your organization to develop a business continuity plan, that will ensure that your company continues to operate in the event of an unforeseen disaster.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster can strike without notice, so having an effective disaster recovery plan, in place, is crucial for every business. We’ve helped businesses, in every sector, develop disaster recovery plans that provide sound objectives and offer peace of mind.

Cloud Services Migration & Integration

There are many factors to consider when evaluating cloud services for your business. WheelHouse Solutions can help you evaluate the cloud-readiness of your critical business applications, and assist you with porting them to the cloud.

Telecommunications Consulting

With all of the service options, in telecommunications, today, we can help you evaluate the best products and services for your organization’s needs. Our objective is to procure the best services at the best possible price for each of our clients.

WordPress Web Site Design

Your website has the power to turn website visitors into loyal, repeat customers because we begin with a methodology that has proven to be successful for our clients.

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