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Microsoft SharePoint Intranet DevelopmentMicrosoft SharePoint is a feature-rich technology that sets a higher standard with every new release. But setting up something out of the box doesn’t always meet your needs. Customers have unique challenges, goals and requirements. As a Microsoft Silver Partner, we can provide SharePoint Development Services that can transform your company’s information into an asset your employees will love using.

By utilizing technologies like Microsoft Azure and SharePoint, we maximize the use of core functionality and services already in place to focus your SharePoint Development budget on the custom work that will allow your employees to be more efficient. As with any project, we keep the user interface and user experience at the heart of every SharePoint project we work on.

Why a SharePoint Intranet is the Best Solution

  • SharePoint is the World’s Most Popular Choice for Intranets
    SharePoint is the world’s most popular platform for intranets. This is reflected, repeatedly, in various intranet and digital workplace surveys. This gives our clients confidence that businesses are successfully using SharePoint to great effect in their organization.
  • Integration with Office 365 & Other Microsoft Tools
    A primary benefit of SharePoint is the ability to integrate with other Microsoft products and services, without any help from us. It also works the other way, so you can integrate your intranet with Microsoft Teams, for example. This makes Microsoft SharePoint a seamless solution across the organization.
  • Scalable, Flexible & Customizable
    One of the most powerful benefits of SharePoint is its scalability. It’s used for intranets by companies with 100-100,000 employees and supports a range of functionalities including internal communication, content management, collaboration, search and more.
  • SharePoint Supports Most Content Publishing Needs
    Intranets are focused around content so our customers can full utilize SharePoint for sophisticated content publishing and management. This also meets their needs around confidential internal communications, where content needs to be carefully managed.
  • Document Sharing & Management
    Many business’ information distribution, collaboration, knowledge assets and project output remain documentcentric. SharePoint’s robust document library capabilities are a valuable part of SharePoint, allowing for document sharing and distribution, knowledge management, collaboration and more.
  • Supports Content Targeting & Personalization
    SharePoint intranets include personalization capabilities, which means that differently themed content can appear together or targeted for each individual employee. SharePoint also offers simple integration with Active Directory profiles, delivering a truly customizable, seamless solution.
  • Modern SharePoint Interface
    The development of SharePoint modern experiences has been at the center of SharePoint enhancements over the past several years. This new interface produces a far better intranet and also allows the intranet team to be less reliant on us and able to administer changes in-house.
  • Microsoft Continues to Invest in SharePoint
    Microsoft has been continuously investing in SharePoint and SharePoint Online with the ongoing development of sophisticated capabilities that support the deployment of intelligent intranets. You can be confident that investing in SharePoint means an intranet that will improve and evolve with extra features and functionality.

Expert SharePoint Development

SharePoint is a highly flexible platform that enables our development team to build custom solutions that meet our clients’ needs. We’ve created our own frameworks and templates to optimize the speed of deployment of Microsoft solutions, while still ensuring an exceptional user experience.


Gather Requirements & Define the Architecture

  • Collaborate with your internal stakeholders to define the requirements and information architecture
  • Create wireframes and prototypes including branding, global and local navigation, home page content, role-based permissions and content page templates
  • Review features and configurations and recommend add-ons and customizations to meet your unique requirements.
  • Finalize architecture and deliver design specifications


Implement the Sharepoint Intranet Portal

  • Build a pilot site, allowing IT and business stakeholders to test and provide feedback, in addition to learning how to create and manage content.
  • Prepare user roles documentation
  • Provide intranet administrator training
  • Deploy all sites and support users and IT for 3 weeks


Ongoing Maintenance & Support

  • Provide flexible and affordable support options to meet your needs
  • Keep you informed of new SharePoint features and changes that can affect your business
  • Help you develop an Intranet Center of Excellence
  • Provide guidance for enhancement requests from users
WheelHouse Solutions provides SharePoint Design and Development services to customers throughout the Louisville area. If you’d like more information on our SharePoint Intranet Development services, please fill out the form on this page and one of our SharePoint Specialists will get back with you quickly.
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