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No matter the business’ size, its users are heavily targeted by attackers, who know that a single successful phishing email could mean access to everything on the corporate network and more. Today, a 100-employee business faces just as much cybersecurity risk as a 20,000-employee enterprise.

Criminals might aim for long-term infiltration and theft from the network; or attempt to scam the user and business out of data or money; or steal the user’s credentials to access different parts of the network. They might also attempt to turn an end user’s machine into a zombie as part of a botnet or spam relay, or to mine cryptocurrency. The list is only getting longer.

The bottom line: in today’s threat landscape, end users need regular and consistent cyber-awareness training to empower them to become a business’ first line of defense, not its weakest link.

Security Awareness Training provides the continuous, relevant and measurable cybersecurity education businesses need to minimize user error that result in security breaches and losses. Because it’s an integrated part of the small to medium-sized business (SMB) platform, Security Awareness Training is easy to administer and delivers measurable results. And because all training products are powered by real-time, global threat intelligence, Security Awareness Training customers can rest assured that courses an training are up-to-date and relevant.

Tailored Training for Your Business

Unlike other training providers, we focus on the training needs of small to medium-sized business. These customers don’t always have the resources to administer security awareness training, and cost is another important factor to consider. That’s why we provide a solution that’s easy to use, automated, and won’t break the bank.

Our Security Awareness Training is a fully cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, and is available via the same console admins use to manage our Endpoint Protection and DNS Protection solutions.

Easy to Use and Operate

Our Security Awareness Training provides an easy 5-step setup wizard to help you create phishing simulations and training campaigns. In just a few minutes, you can name a campaign, choose the desired recipients, create or select a training email template, choose the training module, and launch.

New capabilities let you put multiple activities together to run over a specific time period. You can also plan and execute training programs across multiple clients at a global level. Reminders, randomization, scheduled training, and automated results reporting all make it simple and straightforward to implement a fully accountable and continuous security awareness program.

What Results To Expect

A study by the Ponemon Institute on the value of employee training showed that businesses who roll out security awareness training programs see improvements of between 26% and 99% in their phishing email click rates, with an average improvement of a 64%.

During the first 6 months of usage, Security Awareness Training customers have seen these results:

  • Phishing click-through rates drop from a 37% average to 12% in 6 months
  • Results are doubly effective if users leverage both phishing simulations and training, rather than simulations alone
  • The more training courses, you run the better the results. Running 1-5 courses over 1-2 months showed a 37% average click rate. But 6-10 courses over 3-4 months showed a 28% click rate, and 11+ plus courses over 4-6 months showed a 13% click rate. That training impact over a year means the average click rate goes from 37% down to 5%, which is an 86.5% improvement.

Think about the number of user errors and resulting security incidents you see each year. Then think about the subsequent productivity losses and man hours required for remediation and recovery. Now factor in any applicable regulatory fines, as well as loss of customer trust and reputation. Being able to stop 86% of those incidents could mean the difference between thriving and going out of business.

Security Awareness Training at a Glance

Intuitive Learning Management System (LMS) Security Awareness Training includes a complete LMS that is highly automated to make training management easy and efficient.

Five-Step Wizard

The wizard reduces the time and cost of administering cybersecurity education programs. Plus, the automated campaign scheduler means you can organize ongoing programs and reports in minutes.

Phishing Simulator

Webroot provides an ever-expanding, topical, phishing template library that is regionalized for effectiveness and relevance. Randomization ensures realistic engagement and testing via realistic phishing scenarios.

Engaging, Interactive Training

Cybersecurity training must be engaging, interactive, and easy-to-consume to get the user’s attention and achieve lasting results. All of our high-quality courses fit the bill and can be sent directly to end users on a scheduled or ad hoc basis. Users can also access and launch all courses in one click from any browser on a computer or mobile device. Automated reminders ensure users know about any outstanding coursework.

Trackable, fully customizable training course campaigns

Our built-in LMS keeps track of every user’s participation, making all cybersecurity education accountable and measurable.

Full course, campaign and contact management

Our fully integrated course management wizard, contact manager, training email templates, course library, and reporting center enable administrators to quickly and efficiently schedule and assign training. Users are imported via Active Directory LDIF, CSV files, or web-based form. Tags allow admins to group users by location, department, business unit, or other category to streamline assigning training.

Scheduled Reporting Center

Receive phishing campaign statistics and generate per-user action and other reports to measure progress and ROI. Our Campaign Executive Summary Report highlights the campaign data and results of the training.

Courses Included

Compliance Courses

  • Data Protection (UK/EU)
  • Compliance UK – The Bribery Act
  • Compliance UK – Anti-Money Laundering
  • Compliance UK – Freedom of Information
  • Compliance UK – Whistleblowing
  • Compliance AUS – Notifiable Data Breaches
  • GDPR – Global Data Protection Regulation (UK/EU)
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security 101
  • HIPAA for CE or BA

Featured Cybersecurity Courses

  • Understanding Cybersecurity
  • Understanding Malware
  • Understanding Phishing
  • Working Safely and Securely
  • Avoid Phishers, Hackers and Social Engineers

Topical Cybersecurity Courses

  • Social Media Awareness
  • Phishing Awareness
  • Websites and Software
  • Email
  • Passwords
  • Physical Access

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