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What are Managed Services?

Managed Services are a specific type of IT services that are provided in a structured manner and come with a predictable cost. With a remote monitoring and management (RMM) system to deliver these services, we continuously monitor the well-being and performance of your IT assets. With RMM, we can proactively conduct maintenance tasks to ensure the stability of your IT infrastructure, swiftly addressing any issues remotely when they arise. This approach allows us to efficiently stabilize your IT environment and provide rapid remote remediation when necessary.

Business with Managed Services

Unexpected downtime caused by factors like viruses or technical failures is an important business consideration. Running a business without managed services can lead to a reactive approach, increased expenses, and uncertain outcomes. A study conducted by Gartner revealed that unmanaged desktops cost businesses an average of $4,000 per year. This cost includes emergency services, lost productivity, and missed opportunities.

Furthermore, the total cost of ownership (TCO) for unmanaged PCs is typically 42% higher than that of managed PCs, while unmanaged laptops incur a 29% higher TCO. These statistics emphasize the financial burden and inefficiencies that come with relying on reactive measures instead of implementing managed services.

With WheelHouse Solutions managed IT services, your business can anticipate significant decreases in unscheduled downtime and reduced IT expenses. Our proactive approach ensures that issues are swiftly detected and resolved, often before you even become aware of them. Managed services enable you to minimize and optimize your IT expenditures, allowing you to allocate more of your internal resources to essential business operations. Your organization will also benefit from accurate data regarding the well-being and performance of your IT assets. This information empowers you to make informed decisions and maintain a healthy IT infrastructure.

Compliance Concerns?

At WheelHouse Solutions, we prioritize addressing compliance concerns and invest significant time in assisting organizations to meet their compliance requirements. Our dedicated team always keeps compliance at the forefront of our engagements with clients, ensuring that regulatory standards are upheld, and organizations can operate with confidence.

Advantages of Managed IT

Top-notch monitoring and management for all your IT assets is accomplished through a comprehensive range of policy modules. These policy modules consist of meticulously crafted sets of monitoring and alerting rules, developed in collaboration with industry-leading vendors such as Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Symantec, and more. By utilizing these policy modules, we guarantee effective monitoring and timely notifications for every aspect of your IT environment. This approach grants us easy access to performance-related data, enabling us to expedite diagnostics and resolution when IT issues arise. The detailed and accurate information at our disposal empowers us to deliver efficient and effective solutions for your IT needs.

Open Architecture Means Easy Integration

Utilization of an open architecture within our managed services platform ensures seamless integration with any customer environment, regardless of its complexity or diversity. Any modifications, whether adding or removing systems, devices, or software, are automatically detected and smoothly accommodated. Our platform is designed to adapt effortlessly to these changes, allowing for a hassle-free experience and uninterrupted operation within your evolving IT landscape.

The Do-IT-Yourself Scenario

  • An IT problem occurs.
  • You discover the problem.
  • Team member sets aside core business tasks and begins investigating and researching the problem.
  • Best case: Problem is diagnosed accurately and resolved promptly on first attempt.
  • Worst case: Problem requires multiple attempts at diagnosis and resolution; team member who attempts to fix the problem accidentally aggravates it; parts or external services must be ordered.
  • Problem is resolved


If the best case unfolds, one or more resources are taken off core business activities for partial or full duration of problem diagnosis and resolution, resulting in loss of productivity. If anything less than the best case unfolds, significantly more time is required to resolve the issue, resulting in more lost productivity on core business activities. In the worst case, additional, unplanned expenses are incurred, including the costs of downtime: reduced productivity and lost opportunities.

The Managed IT Scenario

  • WheelHouse Solutions is alerted before or as the problem occurs because best practices 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and alerting is in place.
  • WheelHouse Solutions instantly and accurately diagnoses problem in the Service Center.
  • WheelHouse Solutions conducts rapid remote remediation from the Service Center and resolves the problem.
  • WheelHouse Solutions gives you comprehensive reports every month and quarter to show work performed, identify issues, and support optimized IT budgeting.


  1. You get the right technology expert on the job from the start, with fast, reliable resolution
  2. Your team stays focused on core business activities
  3. Many issues are detected and resolved proactively before you even notice
  4. Downtime is significantly reduced or even eliminated, with no more costly surprises
WheelHouse Solutions provides Managed IT Services throughout the Louisville metro area. We invite you to use the form, on the right side of this page, to request additional information about our Managed IT Services. We’ll work with you to develop a solution that will meet your needs now, as well as provide for future growth and flexibility.

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